10 Best Side Hustles and Ideas to Make Money

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When you have student loans or credit card debt, making ends meet can be difficult — especially when the average student loan payment is $351. When combined with the cost of rent, groceries, utilities, and other essentials, high monthly expenses might have you desperate for new ideas to make money.

If you want to improve your finances, cutting expenses can only do so much. If you’ve already trimmed your budget to the bone and still struggle to make ends meet, you need to increase your income. Higher earnings are essential for your financial security and future.

If a raise from your full-time job is unlikely, a side gig can be a great way to boost your cash flow.

What the best side hustles have in common

When looking for side hustle ideas, there are several things to consider before signing up:


Some side gigs, such as working in retail, require a steady commitment and regular hours. You might have to keep the same shifts every week, but your earnings would be consistent.

If you have many commitments, scalability is a big factor to consider. Some side gigs, including Uber and Turo, allow you to set your own schedule and decide when you want to work.

For example, if you have an expensive car repair and money is tight, you can work extra hours and take on more jobs to boost your income. When you’re stressed at work or don’t need the additional income, you can reduce your workload with your side gig or take a break.

Side gigs that allow you to scale your hours up and down can be a useful tool in managing your debt or boosting your savings while still enjoying a decent work-life balance. Keep in mind that if you take on a gig that’s too rigid and doesn’t allow you to take breaks, you might get burned out.

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Earning potential

Side hustles vary in earning potential. Some pay just $10 an hour, while others can pay over $50 an hour.

There are a few side gigs where the lower wage may work for you. For example, petsitting often pays about $10 an hour. But if you love animals, the extra cash is an easy income resource that doesn’t require a lot of work from you.

Alternatively, other side gigs require a lot of dedication and effort. Freelance writing, for example, can be a lucrative side business, but you have to meet tight deadlines and handle demanding clients.

Decide what your time is worth and how much stress you’re willing to take on. Then, limit your search to jobs that pay accordingly.


Consider your schedule before choosing a side hustle. Some gigs allow you to work early mornings, late nights, and weekends. Others require more of a commitment.

Think about when you will have free time on a regular basis. If you can only work weekends, focus your search on jobs that offer more flexibility.

Making money with side hustle apps

While you can start a side gig on your own, the process can be time consuming. It can take a while to build up your clientele and become profitable. If you’re already tight on money, startup funds can be a huge drain on your resources.

Instead, consider working a side gig using a ready-made app. Companies that hire contractors connect you with customers and allow you to start making money right away. The apps handle marketing, customer outreach, and invoicing. This eliminates overhead costs and administrative tasks so you can focus your efforts on your side hustle.

Top 10 side hustle ideas to make money

Ready to start earning extra cash? Here are some of the best side gigs to help you earn more money:

1. Uber

  • Make money by driving people around town
  • Set your own hours and availability
  • If you don’t have your own car, you can rent through Uber
  • Must pass a background check and have a clean driving record

2. Turo

  • Rent out your car as a passive income source
  • Make up to $600 per month
  • Set your own rates and your car’s availability
  • Turo provides comprehensive insurance coverag


3. Amazon Flex

  • Deliver packages for Amazon for extra money
  • Pays $18 to $25 an hour
  • Set your own schedule and work whenever you want
  • You must have a smartphone and your own vehicle
  • Must pass a background check


4. Postmates

  • Deliver food, office supplies, and more to customers in your area
  • Earn up to $25 an hour
  • Set your own availability (only required to make one delivery every 90 days)
  • You must have a smartphone and your own vehicle


5. DoorDash

  • Earn money by delivering restaurant food to customers
  • Earn over $10 an hour
  • Set your own schedule, including working early mornings or late nights
  • You need an Android or iOS smartphone
  • Must pass a background check


6. Shipt

  • Shop and deliver groceries for customers
  • You can make an average of $15 to $25 an hour
  • Work whenever is convenient for you and take a vacation when you want
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must pass a background check



  • Rent a spare bed or your whole house
  • Top owners who use VRBO to rent out their properties make up to $60,000 per year
  • Set your own rates and room availability
  • Rent whenever it is convenient for you


8. Handy

  • Great side gig for professional cleaners and handymen
  • Earn up to $22 and $45 an hour, depending on the task
  • Payments are directly deposited after each job
  • Determine your own availability and work schedule


9. Dolly

  • If you’re capable of moving large items like furniture, you can make up to $15 an hour as a mover
  • If you have a truck or cargo van, you can make even more money (workers who provide a vehicle and labor can make up to $30 an hour)
  • Must be able to lift at least 75 pounds
  • Using the app, you can accept gigs that fit your schedule


10. Zeel

  • Must be a licensed massage therapist
  • Perform in-home massages and keep 75 percent of the booking fee
  • Zeel automatically adds 18 percent gratuity to the bill, which you keep
  • Accept jobs when it’s convenient for you


Launch a side hustle today

Starting your own side business can be a great idea, but it takes time and money before it becomes profitable. Instead, consider working with an established service to start making money within one week.

If you’re looking to increase your income immediately, check out these ideas to make money and apply today to begin working.

For more information about side gigs, check out these expert strategies for firing up your side hustle.

Want to earn extra money?

Here are the best side hustle opportunities!

Company Type of Work Requirements  
Lyft Ridesharing Car and smartphone Become a Lyft Driver
Turo Rent out your car Own a vehicle List Your Car
Airbnb Rent out space Room to host guests Become an Airbnb host
TaskRabbit Odd jobs Smartphone Become a TaskRabbit Tasker
Postmates Deliveries Smartphone Become a Postmates Worker

Our team at Student Loan Hero works hard to find and recommend products and services that we believe are of high quality and will make a positive impact in your life. We sometimes earn a sales commission or advertising fee when recommending various products and services to you. Similar to when you are being sold any product or service, be sure to read the fine print understand what you are buying, and consult a licensed professional if you have any concerns. Student Loan Hero is not a lender or investment advisor. We are not involved in the loan approval or investment process, nor do we make credit or investment related decisions. The rates and terms listed on our website are estimates and are subject to change at any time. Please do your homework and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Compensation benefit: housing development – Disabled child: schooling, allowance …

Summary: The compensation benefit.can be allocated to expenses related to different needs expressed in an individual compensation plan. This article describes how housing needs are addressed.

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What are the arrangements concerned?

These are the accommodations for the adaptation and accessibility of housing. They are intended to maintain or improve the autonomy of the disabled person and allow him to circulate, to use the equipment of daily life, to find and communicate, without difficulty and in complete safety. They are also intended to facilitate the intervention of carers.

These arrangements concern the ordinary rooms of the dwelling (bedroom, living room, kitchen, toilet and shower room) and any other room in the dwelling if it allows the person to exercise a professional or leisure activity, or to ensure the education and supervision of his children.

In case of individual house, the development also concerns the access outside the housing, the external motorization. The adjustments concern: the adaptation of the room, the internal circulation, the changes of levels when the organization on a level is not possible, the domotics, the creation of an extension.

Good to know: Facilities that are not part of the compensation service but have been noticed during the evaluation of housing (insalubrity, dilapidated …) will still be mentioned in the compensation plan. In case of evolutionary pathology, the arrangements can be anticipated

Who can benefit ?

To benefit from it:

  • people must meet the conditions of residence, age and disability.
  • accommodations must respond directly to the person’s activity limitations (definitive or provisional)
  • the accommodation must be that of the disabled person. It can also be the accommodation of the person who accommodates the disabled person (except in the case of family care for a fee).

Beneficiaries of the Disabled Child Education Grant (AEEH) may benefit from this component of the compensation benefit. In this case the charges are not taken into account for the attribution of the AEEH complement

In the event of a move When housing development is impossible or deemed too expensive, if the person chooses to move to an accessible dwelling, the costs of moving and installing the necessary equipment may be covered by the compensation benefit. .

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The amount of the aid

The total amount attributable is 10,000 euros for any period of 10 years .

If the works are in a range between 0 and 1500 euros, the amount of the aid corresponds to 100% of the tariff. If the works are more than 1500 euros, the amount of the aid corresponds to 50% of the price but can not exceed 10 000 euros.

Time to use help

The development work must begin within 12 months after notification of the award decision and be completed within 3 years (possible extension of one year).


Housing: disastrous balance of housing promotion


Scarce living space Researchers draw a disastrous balance in housing promotion

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  • On behalf of the Hans Böckler Foundation, the Berlin Humboldt University has examined the three most important housing policy instruments.
  • Their conclusion: The programs were “only very limited in helping to close the social gaps for low-income households”.


Image result for thomas ochsnerThomas Öchsner, born in 1961, studied history, economic history and political science in Munich following his civil service and a traineeship at the Saale-Zeitung in Bad Kissingen. After that, he was, inter alia, deputy head of the department of the evening newspaper . Since 1999, Öchsner has worked for the SZ, initially as a finance editor, then as a correspondent in the parliamentary office in Berlin and now back in Munich in the business department. Öchsner writes mainly about the job market and social policy, pensions and real estate.


For Hermann Schwabe, director of the statistical office on data in Berlin, it was already clear in 1868: “The poorer someone is, the more part of his income he has to spend on the apartment.” The “Schwabesche Gesetz”, which was later named after him, still applies to many tenants: four out of ten households or 8.6 million inhabitants in German cities have to spend 30 percent or more of their net income on rent and utilities. The 30 percent are considered a pain threshold because then there is not enough left over for food, clothing, leisure or holidays.

But how can living be made more affordable? Do housing subsidies, social housing and rent brake bring anything at all? Scientists at Berlin’s Humboldt University have investigated the three most important housing policy instruments on behalf of the union-friendly Hans Böckler Foundation. Their result is sobering: the programs are “very limited in helping to close the social gaps for low-income households,” according to their study.

For the poorest of the poor, rents in subsidized housing are often too expensive

The investigation provides new material for discussion for the residential summit on Friday in the Federal Chancellery, for example, on the subject of social housing. According to the researchers, far too little happens here, although in 2017 the number of completed social housing increased to 27,000.

Tenants of all cities, unite!

The subject of living becomes a social issue of our time. Can this lead to a social movement that actually changes something? Essay by Hannah Beitzer more …

The main reason: On average, 90,000 social housing companies fall out of the rent-based relationship every year, usually after 20 years. Therefore, not even one third of the disposals could be compensated for with the subsidized new buildings.

The plight in metropolises is particularly high: in the ten largest German cities, just under 900,000 low-income housing units were missing in 2014 – with nearly 5,000 subsidized, newly built social housing units. The researchers calculate that in order to maintain nationwide at least the stock of 2014, almost 70,000 social housing would have to be built per year.

In addition, there is another problem: for the poorest of the low-income households, even “the rents in subsidized housing are overwhelmingly too expensive,” write urban sociologists Andrej Holm, Stephan Junker and Kevin Neitzel. Her conclusion: The expansion of subsidized housing construction is important, but for the solution of the supply gaps in the cities, he has only “a limited potential.”

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Low housing benefit in the big cities

According to the Federal Statistical Office, nearly 600,000 households received housing subsidies totaling 1.1 billion euros at the end of 2017, an average of around 150 euros per month. However, according to the researchers, only about 1.2 percent of households in large cities receive the state subsidy, mainly because of tight ceilings on rent and income.

In addition, housing benefit recipients would have to spend significantly more than 40 percent of their net income on the rent on average. Another problem called the German County Day: The housing benefit is not adjusted annually to the inflation. “The prices on the housing market run away from the housing benefit,” says the managing director of the association, Hans-Günter Henneke.

On the other hand, the state spends around 15 billion euros to cover housing costs for Hartz IV recipients. The Berlin researcher Holm sees this critically: “The money flows to a large extent to commercially acting landlords.” As a result, they would always have secure returns irrespective of demand and the market situation. “It would make more sense to increase public investment in the construction of durable affordable housing stocks.”

Remains as a third instrument the rental price brake. According to this, owners are only allowed to charge a maximum of ten percent more on re-lettings than the local comparative rent. According to the study, however, the brake only works if, unlike now, it is really consistently applied and controlled.

In this case, landlords would have to reduce their premiums by up to 30 percent when new tenants move in, especially in cities with a large housing shortage and rapidly rising rents such as Munich or Berlin. Above all, households with average and above-average income would benefit from this. Low-income households have “no influence” on the brakes.

DGB board member Stefan Körzell therefore calls for higher state investment, “to build at least 100,000 priced and occupation-linked apartments a year”. Necessary is a total of 400,000 apartments per year. This is “only possible, if building land is no longer regarded as a speculative object and traded at maximum prices”. In addition, the municipal construction management would have to increase staff, “so that affordable homes can be approved and built faster.”


Accessibility of housing: Europe warns France

accessibilite logements l europe met la france en garde 11000

The Élan law (Evolution of housing, planning and digital) continues its little man legislative way. Tortuous path! After the Assembly, it is in the Senate that it is discussed from July 16, 2018. Among its many articles, the number 18 crystallizes the anger of people with disabilities. Adopted at first reading by MEPs in June, it provides for the transition from 100% to 10% of housing accessible to disabled people in new construction, the remaining 90% to be “evolutionary”, that is to say made accessible after simple work (articles linked below).

The Council of Europe worried

“Giant recession”, “serious social regression”, discrimination “,” denial of disabled people “… After a heavy fire of protests, from associations, the Defender of Rights, the National Consultative Commission on Human Rights (article see below), it is the turn of the Council of Europe, on 13 July, to ask the French legislator to come to their senses. “I am concerned about the parliamentary debates on the Elan bill,” said Dunja Mijatović, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights. If passed as it stands, this bill would lead to a significant reduction in the proportion of housing accessible to persons with disabilities that new collective housing buildings must contain . ” She hopes that the French Senate “will not lower the norm in force as it results from the 2005 law”. “It’s a question of equality and dignity, and it would allow the legislator to make it clear that the inclusion of people with disabilities is important to them,” she continues. “The law will help build more, faster and cheaper, which will serve everyone, including people with disabilities, because today housing is missing and expensive,” had justified Sophie Cluzel, Secretary of State in charge disability.

30% for the Senate?

The Senate must now make its proposals. Its Economic Commission has examined the text and, according to Denis Dessus, President of the National Council of the Association of Architects, it has “restored some common sense by removing some of the worst provisions or introducing more balanced solutions” but “involves always serious regression . With regard to quotas, the Senate seems to want to opt for a rate of 30%. Better than the 10% of the deputies but less well than the 100% of the handicap law of 2005! In these conditions, taking the example of social housing, only one apartment would be accessible per 10,000 inhabitants, says the Anpihm (National Association for the Integration of the Disabled Motor). “And, among them, 600 people are more than 80 years old while 55 will be victims of disabling medical accidents (stroke, infarction, fracture of the neck of the femur …) justifying an accessible habitat! ” Continues the association that has been spurning for months in this fight and deplores a succession of contradictions, impasses, aberrations, inaccuracies, even lies. A battle of the numbers is announced: 10, 20, 30, 75%, according to various amendments proposed by senators. “There can be no question of us accepting any haggling over the quota in question. It does not change the problem! ” , In turn indignant the CDTHED (Committee for the right to work of the disabled and equal rights), which calls for the deletion of Article 18, as all senators of Socialist and Communist groups. On the side of the Republicans, there are about twenty to support Jean Sol, Senator of the Pyrénées-Orientales, who has tabled an amendment to that effect.

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Manif July 17 in Paris

A protest against this bill is planned for the Senate on Tuesday 17 July in Paris, at the invitation of the Collective Ambition Housing, created for the occasion, which brings together, among others, APF France Disability and the GIHP (Groupement pour insertion of disabled people). The start will be given at 5 pm in front of the School of Medicine (Paris 6th). An initiative deemed “late” by the CDTHED which recalls that “the project is known since April and that its examination began in early June in the National Assembly” but which the association nevertheless supports. A dedicated website has also been put online (link below) that is based on a poster campaign to “make housing a great permanent cause” . His slogan ? “What you will build can destroy us”.

The Social Housing Allowance

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Conditions for granting ALS

Conditions related to the person
Anyone residing in France can claim the ALS.

If the person concerned is a foreign national, he must be in a legal situation and justify it by producing a residence permit. On the other hand, he can not benefit from the ALS if the accommodation is rented to him by:

  • one of his ascendants or descendants;
  • a descendant or ascendant of his spouse, cohabiting partner or the person with whom he is bound by a civil solidarity pact (PACS).

Conditions related to the surface
The dwelling must be the principal residence of the person concerned (apartment or house)

The minimum housing area must be 9 m2 for a single person, 16 m2 for two people, increased by 9m2 per additional person. If the person resides in a retirement home, a long-stay center or a residential center for disabled persons, the room must not be occupied by more than two persons.

Housing must meet standards of decency:

  • it must be without obvious risk to the physical safety or the health of the occupants;
  • it must meet the standards of sanitation: WC, heating means, arrival of drinking water.

If the standards of decency are not respected, the ALS may be paid directly to the tenant if the latter has asked the owner to make upgrades or brought to justice for this purpose.

Derogations granted
Exemptions to the occupation and decency criteria are provided for the payment of the ALS:

  • payment of a period of 6 months granted to the interested party to enable him to ask the owner to carry out upgrades or to bring to justice for this purpose. To benefit from this derogation, one of the procedures must be initiated;
  • exceptional payment of one year for persons accommodated in furnished hotel or boarding house. The prefect designates a body responsible for proposing a solution for improving housing or relocation. An extension of 6 months is possible if the upgrading work could not be completed or if the rehousing could not take place within this period. ;
  • exceptional payment to the homeowners during the period during which they are freed from the debt contracted to gain ownership of their dwelling and, if necessary, from that contracted to carry out the work intended to improve the housing;
  • continued payment of 4 years if the number of occupants exceeds the legal number following a birth or the care of a child or close relative;
  • exceptional payment of 2 years for non-collective dwellings when the condition of surface is not fulfilled at the time of the application.

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The amount of the ALS

The amount of the allowance varies depending on the family situation, the amount of resources and the amount of rent or repayment of the loan.

A minimum rent or housing expense is always the responsibility of the person concerned.

The amount of the ALS is revised each year on 1 July according to the evolution of the situation of the person concerned and the new scales.

ALS is subject to the social debt repayment contribution (CRDS) at a rate of 0.5%.

The payment of ALS

ALS is paid monthly:

  • directly to the beneficiary;
  • either to its owner (if the beneficiary is a tenant) or to his lending organization (if he is a homeowner), who deducts it in return for rent. This second term is called the third-party payer. It is sometimes obligatory.

The allowance is paid to the beneficiary as of the first day of the calendar month in which the application is made.

When the conditions for granting are fulfilled even before the application has been made, the allowance is paid within the limit of 3 months preceding the month of the application.

For an application for the benefit of the ALS, the interested party must apply to the family allowance fund on which he depends or to the Social Agricultural Mutual Fund (MSA) if he falls under the agricultural regime, or to the specific body responsible for paying family benefits.

Household insurance for the rented apartment:

Image result for household insurance for apartment

Around 23 million households live in Germany for rent. In many, you can find valuable furnishings : from high-tech hi-fi, smart TVs, designer clothes or expensive bicycles to precious jewelry. As good as you can keep all these things, damage is always possible: During the holiday, a burglar gang can clear out the apartment, a lightning sets the tenement on fire or bathroom and kitchen are under water after a pipe break.

In these cases, household insurance alone pays. In a rental apartment, only such damages are covered by the landlord’s insurance of the landlord, which were incurred directly at the building. Unlike damage to the stairwell, to the roof construction or the front door, the tenant himself is responsible for damage to his own household contents . Therefore every household should have a policy.

You should know these terms

Police / insurance certificate This is a document about the contract concluded between the insurer and the policyholder. Listed are the agreed services and all rights and obligations of both parties.

When is a home contents insurance for tenants worthwhile?

Image result for household insurance for apartment

Imagine, all of a sudden, you lose all the items that are in your home: tables and chairs, couches, cabinets, rugs, televisions, computers, your children’s toys – all gone because lightning struck the roof and yours Apartment burned out. Can you afford to buy it all again? If you answer this question with yes and you hardly any financial losses, then a household insurance for your apartment is actually not mandatory.

The situation is different if you were to incur significant financial losses as a result of the new acquisition. Then you should take out home contents insurance for your rented flat in order to be able to compensate for the financial risks . The more valuable your interior design is, ie the more you have spent on your belongings, the sooner you should take out home contents insurance. Even with a lower loss, the household policy pays off. Up to a certain upper limit, even valuables such as cash, savings books or gold are insured.


How high should the insured sum of home contents insurance be for your own home? What options are there to determine the value of household effects? You will learn more about this in the guidebook Household Insurance: Sum insured

Does the household contents insurance apply only to the rented apartment?

First of all, the household contents insurance in the rented apartment secures your entire movable belongings. This not only includes furniture, carpets and lamps, but also your books, crockery, all electrical appliances and also your crockery. Even food in the pantry or freezer is insured. The household contents insurance applies not only to the rented apartment, but also for all associated outbuildings . These include hobby, cellar and storage rooms, as long as they are lockable. The insurance cover also includes sheds and similar buildings on the premises or in the backyard. These must be closed with a door or padlock. The insurance cover also includes lawn mowers, tools or garden tools, provided they are located in a closed outbuilding. In some household rates even rooms that are shared, such as a laundry or drying room, insured.

outside insurance

Another component of the insurance cover is the so-called external insurance. The external insurance extends the insurance cover of household insurance beyond the rented apartment on all places where you are temporarily. Temporarily means in this case a maximum of three months. For periods of more than 3 months, the protection by the household contents insurance expires.

Please note: Outside insurance limits compensation to a certain amount If you bring particularly valuable items, such as expensive sports equipment, on holiday, you should contact your insurance company or insure them separately.

Which services are covered in the household contents insurance?


The household insurance, whether rented or occupied property, is a replacement insurance . This means that damages are always replaced so that you can buy the damaged or destroyed item again. In technical devices, especially in computers, laptops or notebooks, one speaks of the replacement in the same kind and quality. So that does not mean that you get the purchase price replaced in any case. For all subsequent services, the so-called replacement price for your movable belongings is always applied.


One of the most common causes of damage is fire. This refers to fire that originated outside a designated hearth or spread from it alone . As a herd in this sense, for example, apply the garden grill, the kitchen stove, an iron, but also a candle. If the damage occurs within the oven, the household contents insurance does not pay – for example, if an expensive book falls into the fireplace. On the other hand, in certain cases, the costs are replaced: for example, when a burning log causes a flying spurt to ignite the carpet.

Burglary and vandalism

The household contents insurance also compensates if furniture was stolen from the rented apartment. However, only the so-called burglary is secured. This requires one of the following two conditions to be true:

  • The burglar has access to the apartment with a crowbar, a lockpick or similar tool.
  • The burglar has gained access to a previously stolen house or apartment key.

If the apartment is also devastated by the burglars (vandalism), then the household contents insurance takes over these costs. Simple theft, on the other hand, is not covered by home contents insurance.

An example: In your rented apartment let someone enter, who pretends to be a craftsman. While you make a coffee in the kitchen, the con artist scans your secretary, steals the cassette with cash, and disappears as quickly as he came. The resulting damage will not be accepted as the fraudster has not gained access through the use of force or threat of violence.

Lightning, storm and hail

If rainwater penetrates through a leaky patio door during a storm and ruines expensive oriental carpets, household insurance will cover the costs. A prerequisite for the settlement of windstorm damage is that the wind had a wind force of 8 on the Beaufort scale . For storm and hail damage directly to the building – for example, covered roofs or torn gutters – the homeowners insurance of your landlord is responsible.

tap water

As with fire damage also applies to water damage: not all are covered by the household contents insurance. For rented accommodation, only damage due to tap water is a regulated loss event. For the assumption of costs, however, one condition must be met: The water has been unlawfully leaked. Therefore, only pipe breaks in the drinking water system, leakage damage to heaters or broken hoses of washing machine or dishwasher are covered by the insurance.

On the other hand, household contents insurance is not responsible if you let the bathtub overflow in your rented apartment. Your private liability insurance may take over here, if you have included damage to rental property. In such a case, you are also responsible for all damage in neighboring apartments.

Why only the inlets, but not the procedures are insured, you will find in the guidebook home contents insurance water damage .

What damages are covered by the household contents insurance for a rented apartment in any case?

  • Lightning, storm and hail damage
  • Water damage
  • fire
  • Burglary and vandalism
  • Theft while traveling

Additives to household insurance, which may be useful for tenants

The basic or basic protection of a household insurance already covers a large number of possible and usually the most common causes of damage. In addition, under certain circumstances, it makes sense to extend the protection of household contents insurance . For example, some tenants want higher coverage for certain loss events because the items to be insured are particularly valuable. Others want to know certain things additionally covered by their home insurance – usually because they were very expensive and there is a certain risk of loss.

Bicycle theft

If the bike is stolen from its own, lockable basement, the regulation by the household insurance is usually quite simple. But if the rental apartment does not have a suitable basement, but the bike has to be accommodated in a common room, things look different. Here the insurance protection is given only if this is lockable and is used exclusively by the other tenants. On the road there is usually no insurance coverage.

But if you travel a lot and often by bicycle, you can include the bicycle theft separately in the household insurance . Tenants should pay attention to whether the policy contains a so-called bicycle clause. In this case, the insurance also applies to theft – provided that the bike was connected to a fixed object with a high-quality lock. In the case of insufficiently secured bicycles, for example with a very simple lock, the insurance company may refuse compensation.


If a lightning strike causes a fire in the rented apartment, the household contents insurance generally covers the costs. But most damage from lightning is indirect. These are so-called surge damage . If a lightning strikes the power grid, the electrical energy is distributed throughout the network – right up to the power sockets in the household. When electrical devices such as hi-fi systems, laptops, mobile phones while charging, home theater systems, dryers or freezers are hit by a power surge, they can be damaged and stop functioning.


You can find out how to protect yourself against overvoltage damage in the guidebook Surge protection

Other additional benefits for home contents insurance, which you can conclude as a tenant:

  • Water leakage from aquariums and waterbeds
  • Co-insurance of gross negligence
  • Easy theft of garden furniture and garden equipment, linen on leash, washing machines and dryers from common areas
  • Burglary from changing clothes
  • Burglary from ship cabins / sleeping car compartments
  • Theft of furniture from motor vehicles and water sports vehicles
  • Simple theft from the hospital room
  • Sports equipment stored outside the apartment

Household insurance with subletting

There are many reasons for subletting: Students doing an internship abroad, working people working in another city for a few months. In the meantime you do not want to give up the apartment or you are looking for a furnished room for a certain period of time. In such and many other cases, the sublease offers: Some are looking for a subtenant, others want to become one yourself. The following applies: The household contents insurance, which the tenant has completed for his apartment, does not apply to other parties, to which one or more rooms are re-let. The subtenant must himself take out insurance for his room.


For a sublease the written consent of the landlord is required. In the case of a legitimate interest on your part – and as long as the apartment is not overcrowded or if there are special reasons against the subtenant – your landlord may not refuse your consent.


Find out more about this topic in our guide to home contents insurance for students

Conclusion: Household insurance is a useful thing for tenants

The question of whether the tenant or landlord is responsible for the home contents insurance, can be easily answered. Each tenant is responsible for his household contents insurance, but the landlord can demand the conclusion of a household insurance in the lease. A corresponding policy is entirely in the tenant’s sense. Only then can he protect himself against the financial consequences of loss or damage to his movable property . In any case, the insurance already covers damage caused by fire, tap water, storm or burglary. Before completing a policy, customers should compare different offers . The premium depends on the agreed sum insured and the place of residence.


As a direct insurer, CosmosDirekt can make you an attractive offer: with the rates of our home contents insurance, you save money every year, even as a tenant.


The first own apartment: what should be considered?

Image result for first apartmentAnyone who rents an apartment not only has many rights, but must also take certain duties into account. Obtaining your first apartment, you should definitely pay attention to the following obligations:

  • Pay your rent on time
    In addition you are obliged according to the lease. As a rule, you must pay the rent in advance by the third working day of the month at the latest. If rental arrears of more than two months rent or two times partial payment of the rent, the landlord has the right to terminate the rental contract without notice. Even a permanently unpunctual rent payment can lead to a termination in the worst case. To avoid this, it is best to set up a standing order for the rental payment. Then make sure that your account is always sufficiently covered at the beginning of the month.
  • Deposit a rental deposit
    In order to rent an apartment, a deposit of a maximum of three net cold rent usually has to be deposited. This deposit is due at the beginning of the rental and can be paid out over the first three months of rental.
  • Observe the house rules
    Regardless of the general respect that you should pay to every homeowner, every home has its own order. These should be noted. This applies, for example, to noise, but also to the disposal of waste. Bear in mind that many violations of house rules can lead to termination by the landlord.
  • Report defects in a timely manner
    If you find any deficiencies in your apartment, you should notify them immediately to the landlord. If further damage occurs because you did not report the defects, the landlord can in the worst case ask you to cover the costs.
  • Heat
    Many tenants want to save heating costs and use their heating system only sparsely. However, if this causes mold or freezes a pipe, you are responsible for these damages. You are responsible for ensuring that the apartment is sufficiently heated.
  • Do not build anything on your own
    If you want to make changes to the apartment, for example, a bath renovation or you want to move a wall, you must always ask the landlord for approval.
  • Not sublet without asking
    If you want to sublet parts of the apartment or the entire apartment, for example, during a stay abroad, you must first ask your landlord for permission.

The responsibility of the landlord is limited

  • A landlord is responsible for ensuring that the one apartment during the rental period, the state she had at the time of renting. Thus, he is obliged to repair damage. However, as a landlord, you are usually required to do minor damage or cosmetic repairs yourself. This includes, for example, the painting of living or utility rooms in the apartment. However, according to a judgment of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) of 18 March 2015, this rule is no longer valid without restriction. Thus, the judges of the BGH have limited the obligation for cosmetic repairs, for example, if the apartment is taken over unrenovated.
    But just as the landlord is responsible for the condition of the apartment, you as a tenant are obliged to look after the apartment.
  • The landlord ensures that the heating system works and the apartment can warm to at least 20 ° C. As a tenant, you must also report immediately if the heating system should not work.
  • Each landlord must allow his tenants that family members move into the apartment. As a tenant, however, you must take into account that the apartment is not overcrowded by the entry of spouses and / or children.

The landlord is not responsible for any damage for which you are responsible.

  • If, for example, you operate the heating system incorrectly and damage it, you must take over the damage.
  • The same applies if you sand a floor incorrectly and it must therefore be renewed.
  • Damage to the electrical system due to incorrectly connected electrical appliances or damage to the apartment by a pet is also not the responsibility of the landlord.

For this reason, it is important that you deal with the most important insurance when you move into your first home. These secure you in the event of damage and save you from high follow-up costs.

Image result for first apartment

You should pay attention to this before the first lease

  • Check that the specification of the living space is plausible. This is especially important if your landlord later announces a rent increase. The existing area can be determined by calculating the floor area.
  • Check whether other components of the lease work like an additional basement or a fitted kitchen and can actually be used.
  • Clarify whether the lease contains a graduated rent. In this case you would have to pay more rent regularly. The same applies to an index rental based on the rental price index.
  • Compare the rental price with the local comparative rent. Here you can help a rent mirror, which you receive from a tenant association. Bear in mind that these prices may be exceeded by up to ten percent.
  • Check the contract for clauses. For example, there is the cancellation disclaimer. By doing so you commit yourself to live in the apartment for a while without giving notice. Common clauses include cosmetic repairs or minor repairs. Make sure that not too many exceptions are made and you are not required to do too much work.
  • Be sure to list all persons in the lease who move into the apartment with you. This is especially important in shared flats, but also if you are staying in a couple’s apartment. Who stands in the lease, has all the rights of the tenant, as well as all obligations. Rent your apartment under no circumstances without the permission of the landlord.
  • Consider whether this is a temporary lease.

Consult experts before concluding the contract

It is best to see your lease signed by an expert before signing. Tenants associations or lawyers specializing in tenancy law are offered here.

Insurance for the first own apartment

Anyone who buys their first home will not only become a tenant for the first time, but will also lead an almost independent life for the first time. The parents are only partially responsible.

Many decisions are made by the mostly young adults alone. It is all the more important that there is sufficient insurance cover for all life situations. At least with your first home, you should therefore check your insurance portfolio for any gaps.

Private liability insurance: Should be standard

Private liability insurance covers damage caused to third parties. This can be property, personal or financial losses. This insurance is not compulsory insurance in Germany. Nevertheless, every consumer should have such a policy in order to be protected against high costs in case of damage.

As a fresh tenant, you can protect a liability insurance very effectively. If, for example, you sand down floorboards of an old building before moving in and you irreparably damage them through your work, the insurance company can remedy possible damage claims of the lessor.

Or should you cause damage in the hallway when moving, the private liability insurance can also apply.

Of course, with the private liability insurance you are also protected beyond your new rented apartment. For example, insurance cover generally applies throughout Europe and, depending on the policy, worldwide.

However, check here if there are time restrictions for Europe-wide and worldwide protection.

Image result for first apartment

Be sure to check insurance coverage

As a rule, you are insured up to the age of 25 with private liability insurance via your parents. This usually only applies as long as you live in the same household.

By moving into the first home, you have to take care of your own insurance cover.

The personal liability only applies to damage caused by you in the private sector. If you also want to be covered at work, you need a special professional liability insurance.

However, some insurance companies also offer tariffs that offer some protection in the workplace, even with the private liability policy.

Save by joint insurance

When you move into your apartment with your partner, you can take out a joint liability policy. So you can save on insurance premiums.

Household insurance: Not necessary, but usually cheap

Who buys the first apartment, usually does not have a very large household items. Often therefore a household insurance is not necessarily recommended. It is also not compulsory insurance.

Nevertheless, it may be useful to secure your household contents, especially in your first home. Because this includes not only furniture and garments but also electronic devices such as televisions, game consoles or smartphones.

A photographic equipment or a bicycle can also be counted as household goods. With the Household Policy these items are protected against damage or theft.

If you purchase your first home, you should first check whether your household contents are covered by the household contents insurance of the parents. Most insurance companies provide this service for the time they spend training or studying. You can thus save your own policy.

If you still want to take out your own home insurance, this is usually not so expensive for the first home, as the tariffs are usually based on the living space and this is often low in the first apartments.

Image result for first apartment

Bike protected against theft?

Check if your household insurance also protects your bike from theft. Pay special attention to night clauses here.

For example, most household contents insurance offers protection only during the day and only when the bicycle is parked in a lockable yard or hallway.

Health insurance: compulsory for everyone

Health insurance has been mandatory for all people living in Germany since 2009 under section 193 of the Insurance Contract Law. Regardless of your first home, you should therefore necessarily health insurance.

Your health insurance covers the costs of medical treatment, inpatient or outpatient, and pays for necessary medicines or remedies. Without health insurance, you would have to pay these costs yourself.

Check family insurance

If you study or are a student and do not earn more than 450 euros per month, you can stay in the statutory health insurance up to the age of 25 free of charge.

If you have volunteered, you have the option of being insured until the age of 26. It does not matter if you live in your own home or with your parents.

If you purchase your first home with your partner and you have your own income, you should check whether you can co-insure the partner in the GKV for free.

Cheap rates for students

Students can continue to insure themselves in the statutory health insurance after the end of the free co-insurance. The contribution in 2016 is just under € 75 per month, including benefits for long-term care insurance.

As a student, you can also be exempted from compulsory insurance and use private health insurance for students. Most private health insurance companies offer cheap insurance rates for students.

This variant is recommended if you want to work independently after your studies and benefit from individual rates.

Exemption from compulsory insurance

Until the age of 35, you can be exempted from compulsory insurance during your studies. Take into account that you will continue to be privately insured after your studies.

Image result for first apartment

Complete dental insurance at a young age

It may be useful to take out dental insurance at a young age. In this way you benefit from favorable contributions.

Occupational disability insurance: Important for working people, recommended for students

With a disability insurance (BU) you are protected if you can no longer practice your profession for health reasons. The insurance company then pays you an invalidity pension.

For career starters or young people, such a hedge is important because they are usually not protected by a statutory insurance. Compulsory is a disability insurance but not.

Especially as a young person you should take out a disability insurance. This gives you the advantage that your health check before admission to the insurance is very good and you have to pay only small contributions. If you study or complete an apprenticeship, you can already complete a BU. This has the advantage that when entering the profession usually a renewed health examination is omitted.

For your first home, a disability insurance can provide a hedge if you can no longer practice your job due to illness. In this case, you can pay with the pension payment from the BU your rent and make a living.

Disability Insurance

In addition to occupational disability insurance (BU), disability insurance also exists. It works similar to the BU, but does much less.

For example, you usually need to be 100 percent unfit for disability insurance, and you have to work less than three hours a day to get the benefit.

The policyholder can also tell you to take some job. However, the BU is already at 50 percent restriction in your usual profession.

The only benefit of disability insurance is the lower price.

Legal expenses insurance a “may”, but not a “must”

With legal expenses insurance, consumers can secure themselves in legal disputes and out-of-court proceedings. The policy can provide both legal protection in the private and in the professional field.

The conclusion of a legal expenses insurance for your first home can be useful if you want to cover different areas. If, for example, you want to combine traffic protection for your vehicle with a professional right protection as well as a tenant legal protection, it is advisable to choose a combination policy. In this case, you can certainly save compared to the individual financial statements.

As soon as you move into your own home, pursue your own profession or register your own car, you are usually no longer insured for the legal protection of your parents. In these cases, you must take care of your own traffic protection insurance.

Alternative tenant association

If you only want to hedge against legal disputes concerning your rented apartment, it is usually sufficient to join a tenant association.

For example, if there are problems with the rental agreement, with other tenants or the landlord, you will receive free legal advice in an office of the tenants’ association on site.

If there is a legal dispute, you are usually also legally entitled.

Every 4 minutes an apartment burglary in Germany: How to insure yourself correctly


Image result for apartment insurance


For years, the number of burglaries has been rising steadily. The current maximum number of German state criminal police agencies for 2013 to a total of 148,638. These are around 407 home burglaries daily. 1 Thieves usually not only steal valuables, but also leave damage to doors, windows or furnishings. CosmosDirekt explains how you can protect yourself against the consequences of a burglary.

The shock is great: at home, suddenly all the drawers and cabinet doors are torn open. Even after the police have taken in the burglary and the usual order is restored, remains a bad feeling. A small consolation is at least when stolen things are replaced quickly. But 25 percent of German households do not have insurance for their own four walls – and are therefore in a slump without financial compensation. 2 CosmosDirekt explains how to properly secure your belongings.

Household insurance protects against burglary
There are things that can not be compensated with money – such as hereditary jewelery, photo albums or autographed record covers. A home contents insurance protects at least from the material loss by a burglary. It covers replacement costs for stolen items and reimburses the costs of broken windows, doors and – if insured – vandalism damage after a break-in. “Even if you keep something borrowed, such as a laptop in your apartment, is protected by a household contents insurance,” says Bernd Kaiser, insurance expert at CosmosDirekt. “It does not matter if you own the items stolen from your own household.”

Properly documenting valuables and property
Valuables such as cash, savings accounts or other securities are reimbursed up to a certain amount for most household contents insurance. “In order to be able to better prove the claim amount in the event of claim, it is a good idea to document high-quality items with purchase receipts or photos,” says the expert.

Act right in case of case
If it comes to a burglary, the police should be notified as soon as possible and then also the insurer. “It is important that the person concerned should, if possible, try not to remove any traces in order not to complicate the work of the police. In addition, it is advisable to document the damage through photos, “says Bernd Kaiser.


5 keys to living happily in a shared apartment

live in a shared apartment

5 keys to living happily in a shared apartment

Nowadays there are many who decide to live in a shared apartment , either for the experience of living with friends or simply for saving money.

Although we hear many stories of bad experiences in shared flats, the truth is that we should not worry about it. Maintaining a pleasant coexistence is possible if we follow some simple recommendations . These are applicable whether we live with friends or with strangers.

The key to living in a shared apartment

The most important thing when living in a shared apartment is to have a clear premise : no matter how friendly we are, coexistence generates friction, but nothing that can not be solved.

The distribution of domestic tasks and cleanliness is one of the points that generate more conflict when living in a shared apartment. Therefore, it is essential to distribute the tasks related to common areas . It is recommended to establish a calendar and of course, to fulfill it. It is not necessary to become cleaning crazies, but the commitments we have made must be met.

Even so, we must not lose sight of the fact that it is not just about following a calendar, but understanding that cleaning is something general and of everyone. Also if a person likes to cook, but not clean, tasks can be distributed, as long as it is proportional and complies.

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Image result for shared apartment

Another issue that generates problems of coexistence are the schedules. In this sense, we must bear in mind that each person has their own rhythm of life and schedules and that they must always be respected . If you are one of those who go to bed very late, you should not make noise after a certain hour. If, on the other hand, you are an early riser, do not think that gives you the right to awaken others.

Maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in the home also depends on our attitude. In this sense, despite having a bad day we will maintain the kindness with our roommates, in the same way that we would not like that when the situation is the opposite we will be bitter for the day.

Payments is another major problem. We must be aware that each month we will have to pay the rent . Therefore, we should try to do our part as soon as possible so as not to delay the group and prevent our colleagues from being aware that we are fulfilling our financial obligations .

Likewise, it is important to keep track of everything that is purchased for common use, whether cleaning products, toilet paper or any other item. It is advisable to make a common boat and thus everyone pays equally.

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Image result for shared apartment

Parties or visits at home are another of the most controversial points in a coexistence . Thus, when we live together with other people we must tell when we are going to bring people or give a small party . Keep in mind that one of your classmates may have had a hard day. Arriving home thinking about resting and having a party may not be what you want.

These five points are essential to maintain a good coexistence and improve our quality of life . However, we must not forget that all good coexistence is based on dialogue and understanding on the part of all roommates.

Have you lived in a shared apartment? What have been your main problems? Tell us about your experience!


5 keys to rent a holiday apartment

Image result for holiday apartment

5 keys to rent a holiday apartment

Summer is coming and it is possible that you have already started planning your vacation. You do well being foresighted. If you leave everything closed with enough time in advance, you will probably save a lot of money with your reservation. Last minute reservations are usually more expensive, especially in beach destinations and more if it is a holiday apartment.

Today in Vivus we are going to talk about accommodations. More and more people choose to book a holiday apartment instead of hotels . Platforms such as Airbnb have made this type of accommodation easier to book and cheaper than ever. However, you have to take some precautions to avoid being haunted.

Keys to avoid fraud with a holiday apartment

  1. Beware of prices that look like bargains.

If a holiday apartment seems too cheap for the city or the area in which it is located, distrust it. Although the bargains exist and we may be lucky enough to find one, in most cases they are scams.

Our advice is that you compare the price of that apartment with that of others in the same area and with similar characteristics. If the price difference is too large to appear credible, minimize risks and do not reserve.

  1. Ask for more pictures.

The photos published on the booking website will be the best possible of the apartment. Most likely, they were taken by professional photographers and retouched to make the apartment appear larger or brighter.

You should contact the owner of the apartment and ask him to send you new pictures by Whatsapp or by email . This will allow you to have a “second point of view” of the apartment you want to reserve. If he does not want to send you the photos, maybe he’s hiding something.

  1. Have a contact phone number.

It is very important to have a telephone number that allows you to directly contact the person responsible for the apartment . The email or the Airbnb messaging system are valid to some extent. There are certain aspects that it is better to deal with over the phone.

A sign that the apartment is fraudulent is that there is no contact phone number or that when we call it is always off or they do not respond.

  1. Let everything be signed in writing.

Image result for holiday apartment

If you book through a hosting platform, they usually take care of the legal procedures. However, if you book on your own you should sign a contract that shows the duration of the rental, the price, the deposit, the hours of entry and exit, the cancellation conditions or the state of the furniture and the equipment . Avoid unpleasant surprises by leaving everything in writing and signed.

  1. Extreme precautions with the form of payment.

Whenever possible, do not pay the full amount of the rent in advance. Try to pay a portion of it when you arrive at your destination. It is also recommended that you do not use cash or send remittances. The best option is credit cards, as they usually have important insurance behind in case there is a problem with payment in the future.

If you follow these five tips you will make your reservation as safe as possible . The goal of your vacation is to disconnect from the routine and spend unforgettable days with the family. Avoid complications that could end up turning them into a nightmare!